Aside from the publishing venture, the Dent-De-Leone team of designers and artists work, travel, meet, lecture, teach, are offered exhibitions or residencies in the close neighbourhood of public or semi public libraries. We believe that the mission of this publishing hut is to share its production throughout the fantastic network of physical libraries. Our method would be to personally contact interested librarians and donate a number of publications to be added to their collections. We favour long-term relationships of both the people and the institutions as a library is both people and building(s).

If you are such librarian or know someone who would be interested to spread the word by acting, please contact us.

If you are a reader, borrower of books, avid fans of libraries as a place to discover books, please find below a list of our trusted partners.

Thank you.

Valence Beaux-Arts

Nice Villa Arson

CAPC Bordeaux

Rietveld Academy

University of the Arts London